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D' Tandoor Indian Restaurant
South Perth, Australia
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Khyber Pass Restaurant
Auckland, New Zealand
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D' Tandoor Restaurant
(Malaysia Kitchen)
Abal Khail Island (Crystal Island)
South Cornish Al Khobar,
Saudi Arabia.
20. Mutton Rogan Josh RM 16.90
  A delicious mutton curry cooked in yoghurt base with a touch of coriander.  
21. Mutton Badami Korma RM 17.90
  A tempting boneless mutton with almond base curry.  
22. Gosht Sagwala RM 16.90
  Mutton cooked with spinach and a variety of spices and topped with fresh cream.  
23. Keema Mattar RM 17.90
  Minced mutton prepared with spices and fresh green peas.  
24. Mutton Kofta
RM 18.90
  Minced mutton shaped into Ping-Pong balls, deep fried and served in a special curry sauce.  
25. Mutton Madrasi RM 17.90
  Spicy mutton curry with a gingerly zest and a touch of mint.  
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