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D' Tandoor Indian Restaurant
South Perth, Australia
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Khyber Pass Restaurant
Auckland, New Zealand
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D' Tandoor Restaurant
(Malaysia Kitchen)
Abal Khail Island (Crystal Island)
South Cornish Al Khobar,
Saudi Arabia.
65. Plain Naan RM 3.50
  North Indian specialty bread made form dough of refined plain flour.  
66. Garlic Naan RM 15.90
  Topped with finely chopped garlic and coriander leaves.  
67. Butter Naan RM 4.50
  Naan glazed with butter.  
68. Kashmiri Naan RM 6.90
  Naan with fruits.  

Keema Naan

RM 8.50
70. Dhall Ka Masala Kulcha RM 6.90
  Naan stuffed with special dhall.  

Aloo Masala Naan

RM 5.90
72. Maharaja Naan RM 7.50
  Naan stuffed with minced chicken and spices with sesame topping.  

Tandoori Roti

RM 3.60
74. Tandoori Paratha RM 4.50
  Leavened whole wheat bread and multi layered.  
75. Vegetable Pratha RM 5.50
  Garden vegetables mashed and stuffed in bread.  
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