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D' Tandoor Indian Restaurant
South Perth, Australia
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D' Tandoor Restaurant
(Malaysia Kitchen)
Abal Khail Island (Crystal Island)
South Cornish Al Khobar,
Saudi Arabia.
38. Nawrattan Khurma RM 15.50
  A Mughlai preparation of an assortment of different vegetables.  
39. Malai Kofta RM 15.90
  Vegetable minced balls, stuffed with cottage cheese, dry fruit served in a thick creamy sauce.  
40. Vegetable Jal Frezy RM 13.90
  Sauteed garden fresh vegetables, capsicum, onions and tomatoes.  
41. Channa Masala RM 10.50
  Chick peas cooked with delicious Indian spices.  
42. Shabnam Seloni RM 11.90
  Mushrooms cooked in special gravy and garnished with cashew nuts and cream.  
43. Aloo Gobi Punjabi RM 11.50
  Crunchy cauliflower and potatoes cooked dry in spices.  
44. Palak Paneer RM 12.50
  Homemade fresh cottage cheese cooked in thick gravy of velvety leaf spinach.  
45. Bendi Masala RM 10.90
  Lady's finger cooked dry with spices and garnished with yoghurt and tomatoes.  
46. Brinjal Masala RM 10.90
  Brinjal cooked in thick masala.  
47. Mattar Panner RM 13.90
  Green peas cooked with our fresh homemade cheese and a host of spices served with gravy.  
48. Aloo Mattar Masala RM 11.50
  Green peas and potatoes cooked in spicy onion thick gravy.  
49. Dhall Tharga RM 10.90
  Butter fried lentils cooked with finely shredded garlic, cumin seeds, coriander and mashed with butter.  
50. Dhall Maharani RM 11.90
  Black dhall made the home cooked style.  
51. Panner Shahi RM 13.90
  Cubes of cottage cheese served in a creamy almond based curry.  
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